Her artistic carrier begins at a monumental sculptor studio and although she continues her studies at “La Esmeralda” school of the “Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes”, one could say her learning has being more self-taught. Restless sculptress in constant changing, but true to her style.


With studies in painting, engraving, ceramics, jewellery, scenery and Japanese calligraphy, she has been able to perfection from figurative to a narrative-abstract.


Steel, stone, bronze, clay and acrylic are some of the materials that through her hands are transform into senses for the viewer.


Participant of 83 collective and 11 individual exhibitions from places like New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, New Mexico, Miami, Buenos Aires, Madrid, Palma de Majorca, Bern, Basel and other European Countries has given her recognition in 22 Art Publications and several International Prizes.